Track import with navigation wpt's and free (poi) wpt's

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@ Import of a track with navigation (associated) nav wpt's inclusive free poi wpt's.

Hidden poi wpt problem @ navigate and improvable consistent cmt and desc display.

1. In "associated' via wpt's I must put [NL] text into the <cmt> element in order to be displayed into the top text bar @navigate.

2. In "free" isolated poi wpt's I must put [NL] text into the <desc> element as <cmt> is not available in the point info panel.

3. At navigate not only the associated nav wpt's are hidden, wich is fine, but also the "free" poi wpt's are, unless in reach of the poi alerter. But even than the (poi) wpt's can't be tapped to show the point info panel.

Files: Demo.gpx

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1 & 2. Solvable by add cmt element into the Point Info/Edit Screen. ( = New Idea ? )


See picture and the pdf attachment.


Hello Willy,

thanks for this precise bug report.

1. this is correct. Only <cmt> is used as top label

2. I've found a place for improvement, so in next version, <cmt> will be visible in the point detail as well

3. this is very interesting point ... display of non-navigation points also during navigation makes perfect sense. In next version, it will look like this, fine?



"It will look like this, fine?" Sure !

Curious about the Dog ?

Small, medium, large ? Brand ?

Find out by attached zip file import.

Tap Dog Icon. (Find picture attachment).

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Locus V Beta report.

1. After (auto)recalculate, free (off track) poi wpt's are not not shown anymore. Ex: See Dog Icon.

Simulate by: Import navtrack inclusive poi wpt's. @ Navigate, all (poi) wpt's shown > Trigger (any) recalculate action > free poi wpt's are missing now.

2. @ Navigate, on screen wpt's are passive only. The (poi) wpt's can't be tapped to show point info > edit panel.

Simulate by: Import navtrack inclusive Poi wpt's @ Navigate > @ tap any (poi) point.

(Complex) workaround: @ Navigate tap the onscreen track > Tap info > Select "Waypoints" > Find wpt > Show point info > edit panel.

3. In Point Edit Panel: Edit "cmt" element is missing.


Hello Willy,

thanks for the precise test!

1. and 2. fixed, thanks.

3. I've mentioned this before. Not possible for now, sorry.


Item 3. No problem Menion.

Because I already have this proposal in the "New Idea" section.

Note that the + voting button is already extremely hot ;-)

It is probably hardly known that the (gpx) <cmt> element feeds the top info text panel @ Navigate. Also is not mentioned on the "Faq & Knowledge Base" pages. (I did not find).