Track import with navigation wpt's and free (poi) wpt's

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@ Import of a track with navigation (associated) nav wpt's inclusive free poi wpt's.

Hidden poi wpt problem @ navigate and improvable consistent cmt and desc display.

1. In "associated' via wpt's I must put [NL] text into the <cmt> element in order to be displayed into the top text bar @navigate.

2. In "free" isolated poi wpt's I must put [NL] text into the <desc> element as <cmt> is not available in the point info panel.

3. At navigate not only the associated nav wpt's are hidden, wich is fine, but also the "free" poi wpt's are, unless in reach of the poi alerter. But even than the (poi) wpt's can't be tapped to show the point info panel.

Files: Demo.gpx

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1 & 2. Solvable by add cmt element into the Point Info/Edit Screen. ( = New Idea ? )


See picture and the pdf attachment.


Hello Willy,

thanks for this precise bug report.

1. this is correct. Only <cmt> is used as top label

2. I've found a place for improvement, so in next version, <cmt> will be visible in the point detail as well

3. this is very interesting point ... display of non-navigation points also during navigation makes perfect sense. In next version, it will look like this, fine?



"It will look like this, fine?" Sure !

Curious about the Dog ?

Small, medium, large ? Brand ?

Find out by attached zip file import.

Tap Dog Icon. (Find picture attachment).

Mostly = Very Loud. Taking Picture = Calm.



Locus V Beta report.

1. After (auto)recalculate, free (off track) poi wpt's are not not shown anymore. Ex: See Dog Icon.

Simulate by: Import navtrack inclusive poi wpt's. @ Navigate, all (poi) wpt's shown > Trigger (any) recalculate action > free poi wpt's are missing now.

2. @ Navigate, on screen wpt's are passive only. The (poi) wpt's can't be tapped to show point info > edit panel.

Simulate by: Import navtrack inclusive Poi wpt's @ Navigate > @ tap any (poi) point.

(Complex) workaround: @ Navigate tap the onscreen track > Tap info > Select "Waypoints" > Find wpt > Show point info > edit panel.

3. In Point Edit Panel: Edit "cmt" element is missing.


Hello Willy,

thanks for the precise test!

1. and 2. fixed, thanks.

3. I've mentioned this before. Not possible for now, sorry.


Item 3. No problem Menion.

Because I already have this proposal in the "New Idea" section.

Note that the + voting button is already extremely hot ;-)

It is probably hardly known that the (gpx) <cmt> element feeds the top info text panel @ Navigate. Also is not mentioned on the "Faq & Knowledge Base" pages. (I did not find).


Hi Menion.

What is happening ?

A created Via Point (ext edit) is not recognised as a Via.

Maybe I just do not see a (my) Via point false edit ? My mistake ?

I am struggling to find a solution but can' t find any. Pse help.

See the problematic example file attached.

File - POI_CUE_58_Locus_nav_via_poi.gpx

I received this file with associated waypoints by position only.

All navigation commands (L/R/S) are perfect functional.

Find in the wpt list @ position 16 wpt name "Shopping Center" sym "Waypoint" (black dot). The association by position is with track point 916.

Known: Association by position only was already historically perfect functional.

I tested again by latest Beta version using my usual testcircuit.

I removed all timestamps for another double check test.

File - 11_G_stwg_trk_navwpt_poi_no timestamps.gpx

All (3) Via Points are correct recognised by only position association.

Via 1 = Contact, Ranger name = "Lucky Luke"

Via 2 = Flag, Blue name = "Keer om"

Via 3 = Waypoint name = "no_name" (= Discrete Via by no TTS )

Any Idea ?


Hello Willy,

complicated task ...

Problem: waypoint before, so the one on line 81 (Continue onto Goldston Carbonton Rd), has index after 916!! To search for trackpoint where to attach, app search always from the previous index, not since begin. So the order of waypoints in the GPX file is very important.

Just switch <wpt lat="35.52214" lon="-79.35132"> with your required <wpt lat="35.52278" lon="-79.3503099"> and it will work.

Is my explanation clear? Let me know.



Menion you are a genius, thanks for personal assistance ! The good news > Locus map 100% ok. I indeed falsely pasted and positioned the Via, so result was a misaligned wpt order list. By non timestamped points the wpt list order was not auto-corrected by sort by date function in external program.


Find the improved and now correct gpx file in attachment.

- Find Via Point name "Shopping Center"

@ Navigate the <cmt> element is not displayed in the top panel.

Hint: By edit/remove <desc> the <cmt> text is correctly displayed.


Interesting ...




In my search for eventual (my) edit fault, another interesting observation.

See attached file.

Find this unusual, but succesfull combination, a route(rte) with nav wpt's and the via point created direct in rtept 902. (Inclusive both cmt and desc)



Willy, enlight me please what is wrong with the new GPX file? I see nothing un-usuall after import :/.


By the (trk) file in:

- Has a Via point attached by an associated navigation waypoint. (The well known standard method).

In this "Via Waypoint" find element <cmt> and <desc>.

The text display is by the <name> element in the navigation top panel, so not correct. (NOK)

See your example picture > Displayed is the Via Point <name> instead of the expected <cmt>.

By the (rte) file in:

- Has a Via point attached direct into a routepoint.

In this "Via Routepoint" find element <cmt> and <desc>.

The text display is by the <cmt> element in the navigation top panel and is correct. (OK)

Roger ?


Roger. Not sure what I did before, but now with fresh downloaded file, I see correctly CMT tab and not point name.

Hmm, rather wait on the next Beta version to test with the same version as I have, because I made some small improvements in the navigation system.


Helps ? Navigation Waypoints.

Locus does not like the combination of both cmt and desc into a navwpt.

@ Navigate The Icon and text in top text panel is strange.

Sometimes top panel display Icon = Standard (II) or (III) & sometimes the top panel display Icon= A Drawing Pencil ?

When text info in cmt AND desc = EXACTLY identical than Locus Ignores cmt !

See picture.

Nav wpt @ Locus import and @ Locus out result.b33636814c6ea8106857941be1326a54


Aaaa that's the point. I've added small CMT and DESC values into GPX to see what I see in the top panel and because of this, it worked :).

I've found the reason of this ... the app check if DESC and CMT are the same and if so, CMT is removed!

Hmm, probably unnecessary optimization, so removed. Consider as fixed, thanks!


Beta probably published before last msg ;-) (No problem Sir)

As we had sure a cross edit !

Beta report.

By import previous example gpx

Navwpt 2: name = Straight / cmt = (empty) / desc = Naar Miller Creek Road / sym = straight

@ Navigate. Top panel

- When cmt is missing desc is shown = You expected ? (ok for me)

Noticed that drawing pencil @ navigate ? Expected ?


So if I understand you correctly Menion.

Or was that desc display by accident only ?

My guess ?

You probably prefer a realisition of the top panel text by Priority order: cmt > desc > name.

Point has name & cmt & desc = display cmt

Point has name & cmt = display cmt

Point has name & desc = display desc

Point has name = display name. guess is correct ? Maybe ? No ?

I prepared you a testfile in attachment.



Hello Willy,

I'm answering here little later (because I was waiting till today published Beta will be available). Thanks for the email, it is covered by this topic here, right?

So, priority in the top toolbar should be

  • street name : defined by routing engines and in exported GPX should be as locus:rteStreet tag.
  • cmt : comment received by import. Currently not editable
  • name : received by import and also directly editable

No other parameters should work. The description was definitely not planned and do not know why it worked for you with previous version, probably some side-effect. Because with the latest Beta, I get values exactly based on these steps. The description is usually used for some longer texts and not for short information like a "cmt" or "name" is.

If my test was incorrect and you will still see a description with the latest Beta, just write to me "you have a problem" and I'll test it a lot more carefully. Thanks!


Single "element" display > by Priority


1. cmt : YES - (Currently not Locus editable)

2. name : YES - (Locus editable)

3. desc: NONE (= Ignored) - (But is Locus editable)

Let's test:

By attached file has 6 navigation waypoints > The result.

1. Start > Lets' Go.

2. Has name and cmt: "cmt" is correctly displayed.

3. Has name and desc: A chaotic display by "Unknown street" than later followed by "Pencil + desc". Expected = "name"

4. Has name and cmt and desc. "cmt" is correctly displayed

5. Has name: "Unknown street" is displayed. Expected = "name"

6. Finish > Destination.



When using Via Points the result is 100% as expected.


Uff complicated. I've iterated over code and here is the result of all operations that happen in the app. It seems to also corectly match your table above

Current top title sequence:

1. "rte-street" parameter


2. "cmt" parameter


3. (if via-point!) "name" parameter


4. "description" parameter


5. label "Unknown street"

Do not know exactly why I did to app support for the "description" :). It was made in 7. 3. 2018 ... most probably based on some discussion with you :).


Ok, understand, and sorry Menion for the extra work.

As Beta tester I try to prevent "troubles" BEFORE publishment of new (Pro) version.

By the improved visibility of poi wpt in the Beta I now restarted intensive tests. Even without "cmt" available, adding a "desc" text by point edit is possible in Locus, so I had to do such a test. No ?

If I remember well the (drawing pencil) "desc" problem was already shown and reported some years ago, but than the focus to solve was lost. The Nav Points programming probably is oldest as Via Points where only introduced later. (Only you know precisely).


No need to say sorry. It is my mess in code and head that should say sorry to you for extra work :).

With 5 steps above, yes, you should probably try also navPoints with description only.

Anyway, I've two days ago started work on the separated edit screen for points => in the end, I would like a more flexible system that allows, for example, add an option to also edit "cmt" for navigation points. I still think that description does not belong to the top panel (so rather expect it may be removed in the future).


Sure, and I do agree yes, no problem with remove 'desc' from the top panel as it causes the reported unexpected strange display issue.


Quote: "Add option to also edit "cmt" for navigation points. I still think that description does not belong to the top panel (so rather expect it may be removed in the future)."

If I understand correctly, this will result in more simple Locus point element transfers without crossings.


gpx <=> Locus Points <=> tcx <=> fit.


Nice summary. It looks a lot better.

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