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Track overview map text size problem

ymyhz shared this problem 5 years ago

Hello there,

The locus map provided a great experience for my outdoor activities. Thank you.

Compared with the old version, the new version has opened the track overview option, and there is a problem that the place name text on the map is too small.

I really want to share the pictures. The name of the geographical names on the map should be large and clearly visible.

Can analyze my uploaded pictures. Two different pictures, the old version of the big font, small font is the new version.

Thanks again, a user from China.


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go to settings > Maps > Offline maps > Text size and resize the text as you need.


Thanks reply

Settings> Maps> Offline maps> Text size, track overview, has an effect on the text on the map.

However, the problem is that when zoomed in to 350%, the text on the interface map is too large.

In other words, the text on the interface map is not consistent with the text on the track overview output image.


Good day ymyhz,

thanks for sharing this bug report. Interesting that there was such a change in size of texts on your device. It should not happen.


  1. size of texts in app and on screenshot may not be same! Idea here is to generate same track preview on all devices, no matter of device parameters (screen density)
  2. I've increased default text size for map on preview, so it should be better in next version

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