Track point recording interval

Alan Morgan shared this problem 6 months ago


In my profile (CYCLING) I have set the distance interval to 3yd and time interval to 2s

and Track Recording Condition to 'Distance OR time (one)'.

However, the recorded tracking has poor resolution and looking at the GPX file in a tet editor, I can see that the track points are only being recorded every 65secs (approx).

I am using the app on two separate Android Phones (Xaomi Redme 4x Android 7.1.2, and recently a Doogee S30 Android 7.0) and it is the same on both.

I have been using this App for 2 years and this is a recent problem since loading V3.35.2 - maybe I have a setting wrong?

I attach a sample GPX file in case this is useful to you.

Thank you for a great app that I have used on many bicyle tours across Europe and the UK.

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Hello Alan,

your recording really have some regular interval between recorded points. It looks to me like result of "Auto GPS-off" feature. Check please if isn't enabled.


Ah, problem solved - yes, the '"GPS auto-off" was enabled. I have now DISABLED it and the track recording is now as expected.

Thank you Menion for your quick response and problem resolution.