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René Aebi shared this problem 4 years ago
Not a Problem note3 is recording tracks perfectly. My note4 is only recording straight lines. Not following the road.both devices have the same settings

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Hi Rene,

are you sure you have identically settings in both devices?

Have you restored a backup from n3 to n4 ?

if so, perhaps the GPS sensitivity of your n4 is not as good as n3.

So for a first test place both devices beside outdoor e.g. on a table, open satellite screen, compare number/stength of sats and displayed values and please report result.



Hi René,

check your system permissions - does Locus have full access to GPS (even in the phone standby mode)?


Hi michel

On both devices the same settings with trackrecording.

But not in standby mode.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Wish you a nice day

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Hi wolfgang

Same settings with trackrecording. Good gps connection with both devices.

The problem was. Not the same settings in standby mode.

Thanks for the help and have a good day

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