Track record side panel introduced in v3.0.0 not usable in landscape format

Georg D shared this problem 5 years ago
Not a Problem

Record a track and switch to landscape format. The elements do not reflow

nicely, but stick to that thin & high layout that makes sense in portrait

format, but is not usable in landscape. Just let them flow, so the panel is wide in landscape.

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I don't think it is a problem. Side panel width is fix value as you may see in other menus. If you want to use Locus in landscape, you may simply reduce number of items in this panel. If you want wider panel or more complicated, please use existing dashboard feature


Fixed width is OK in other menus like main menu because they are vertical scrollable, but track record side menu not. I guess that requires only a simple parameter change and would help a lot - dashboard is not suitable for several recording related items as it's always shown, whereas track recording side menu only appears while recording, so they have quite different purposes/contexts.

You suggested to reduce number of panel items. How can I remove items from track record side panel? I tried without success

  • Tap & wait for a context menu => no menu appears
  • Tap, hold and drag out of the pane => moves to the old position
  • Tap & hold, in "choose source" tap the checkmark to "uncheck" it => message "Item XY already exists"
  • Tap & hold, in "choose source" tap& hold & wait for a context menu => no menu appears

FYI: I'm switching often from portrait to landscape and back, e.g. depending on the current way part (north-south or east-west?), the current mobile holder (car/bike versus hand) etc.


I can't edit that comment any more even tough I'm logged in, hence as new comment

  • Track recording side panel is vertical scrollable now; I completely restarted the device in between, seems to have been a temporary problem.
  • I found out how to reduce number of panel items: In settings > track recording > count of visible items.

@Menion: Topic is resolved for me.


Ah good to hear that. Weird that panel wasn't scrollable before restart. As you wrote - some temp problem, but it should not happen.