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Track recording auto-starts previously activated profile, not the configured one

Auric Goldfinger shared this problem 5 years ago

I have track-recording automatically configured. When I start Locus Maps, it'll auto-start a track recording using a specific profile, which will launch live tracking as well.

However, when I previously switched to another track recording profile (e.g. because I don't want live tracking) and I close Locus Map, the next time Locus Map is launched, it'll launch the previously selected track recording profile, not the configured one. While I expect the live tracking to be active, I mostly arrive at my destination and notice that live tracking wasn't active at all.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Configure two track-recording profiles (e.g. car and hike)
  2. Configure Auto-start: select track-recording profile car to start automatically
  3. Configure Start with countdown and set to 20s (or any other value)
  4. Exit Locus Map
  5. Start Locus Map again. Track recording counter counts off and the Car track recording starts
  6. Stop track recording
  7. Open the track recording side panel
  8. Activate the hike profile
  9. Start track recording using the hike profile
  10. Stop track recording
  11. Stop Locus Map
  12. Start Locus Map again. Track recording count-down starts and after 20s the track recording starts.

Expected result

The configured Car track recording starts

Actual result

The last activated Hike track recording starts

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Good day Auric,

thank you for a very precise bug report.

Issue found and will be fixed in next version of Locus Map app.



That was fast. Thank you!

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