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Track Recording; do not fill gaps - option

Martin L shared this question 6 years ago

I use locus to track my life (kind of diary), but while traveling by train, airplane or through tunnels these recordings have gaps where no position could be evaluated. After relocating these gaps get "closed" by a straight line (which was not my actual trajectory; sometimes 200km long). Now I wonder if there is an option to avoid these "auto-closings" and to get "gaps" instead.

For the moment I use a work-around pressing "pause" and "restart", but as said, wonder if there is another way around...

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Good day Martin,

sorry for a delay in response. I was waiting a while till new version of Locus Map 3.26+ will be available.

Please update to this new version and try new Track editor, which now also allows to insert or remove gaps into already recorded tracks. Check our news blog post here. Track editor is announced at bottom and what you need is an options insert/remove gap.

I have also already received one bug, that these gaps are not preserved upon Locus Map restart. I'm anyway currently not able to simulate it.

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