Track recording: Quick point-Add waypoint at initial position

Ingo Rau shared this idea 6 years ago
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(Hard to explain in one sentence, therefore the title line is not so meaningful)

When recording a track, there are two ways to add a waypoint (Normal and quick add). However, both usually involve a dialog. Now the position that is actually saved is the one when you press the OK button on that dialog, not the one when you first wanted to add a point.

I think is is wrong or at least not wanted most of the time. Two examples:

  • GPS is not always exact. So you might want to mark a point when the position is very good (as you can see for yourself on the map), but while you fill out the dialog, a "bad" position comes in and you're forced to edit the waypoint later (which is not possible within Locus:
    Sure, your recording profile should be setup in a way that no really bad positions are accepted, but sometimes you're just out of luck (or got the wrong profile active).
  • When travelling at high speeds, you'll be far away from the point you actually wanted to mark once you're done. I know, Locus is more for low velocity sports (or you won't use this function while riding your bike), but we all take trains/cars/buses to get somewhere and see something interesting along the way when there's no option to stop.

I'm not sure if that behaviour should be the default, but I think it should be available.

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+1 for fast ADD (W)Point while moving!

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