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Track Recording Settings for Ski

Clayton laramie shared this question 8 years ago

Currently for skiing I use a custom track recording profile with the below conditions (using AND function)

Min Distance: 3 feet

Min Time: 1 second

Accuracy: 166 feet

I use this both for resort skiing (where I may be skiing up to 60mph) and backcountry skiing (where most of the day is skiing at about 2mph but when skiing I could be going up to 40mph or more). Do these settings seem good for this activity? Is there anything I could do to make it more accurate or use less battery while still being pretty accurate for my needs?


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Hi Clayton,

the question is, what result do you get with these settings and are you happy with it? First of all, I would distinguish between downhill and backcountry skiing. The basic rule is - the faster is the activity, the shorter should be the time interval and longer distance between trackpoints and vice versa. Anyway, 3 ft is too little even for walking, not mentioning the highway speed you can ski downhill.


Thanks Michal. I set it to 15ft/2s/166ft. We will see how that works out. I haven't had issues with the track being too far off. I wanted to get more accurate speed measurements, which change by the second when skiing. Do you have any thoughts about the 166ft required accuracy to record a point? I don't want to have Locus record 50% of the points because of this setting but I figured having more accuracy might be a good thing.


The accuracy of 166 ft is good I think. In good conditions Locus measures with accuracy of cca 10ft but in the mountains (slopes, trees, bad weather etc. ) the radius varies quickly and it's good to widen the range of acceptable trackpoints.

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