Track with identically name can be imported to track folder without warning

balloni55 shared this idea 8 years ago
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If i import a POI with name that exist in POI folder i get a popup info with option ignore/skip/overwrite

If i import a track with name that exist in trackfolder i get no popup info

For me behavior should be identically importing POI´s and tracks

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Good day balloni,

I decided a long time ago to not to implement duplicate check for tracks in same way as for points. Main reason for this is my imagination, that tracks are mostly imported as "one track per file" compare to "a lot of points per file". So you usually know what you are importing. Also in case of tracks, I may imagine some better check based on track shape, not just it's name as happen with points.

What you think? Does it make a sense and it's usage, to have this feature also for a tracks? After all these years, you are the first one who wants this :). Anyway this is more a feature request then a bug as current system was my intent many years before as I wrote.


Es gibt zwei Ideen. Bitte zusammenführen.

Ich habe diese Anforderung auch öfter. Ich bekomme immer wieder Sammlungen guter MTB-Trails. Aber oft habe ich schon einige in meiner Datenbank.


I have that problem too. For points it works. Then it should be easy with tracks.

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