Track category "All" not automatically syncronized with the sub categories

svartbjorn shared this problem 8 years ago

When I go to Data manager > Tracks, I get a list of categories with number of selected tracks in parenthesis. That number is not syncrornized between the "All" category and the sub categories.

How to recreate:

1) Select a track in a sub category. .

2) The category list now shows one track selected in that sub category. But the "All" category shows 0 tracks selected.

3) Tap the "All" category and go back to the list again. Now the number is updated for the "All" category too.

Same when delecting tracks. Selecting in the "All" category or in a sub category doesn`t matter. Same missing syncronisation. It is only the number that is not updated automatically - the actual track is marked selected in both caegories (both "All" and the sub category).

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Thanks svartbjorn, I know about such small issues (also some slow refreshing etc.) in this screen (also in Points screen), so I`ll for sure improve it