Track recording: Angle as interval

Michael Grube shared this idea 10 years ago
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For now, there are two parameters controlling how often a trackpoint is recorded - distance and time. It would be great to have a third parameter: The angle in degrees. With this, a complicated track with many curves and corners could be recorded accurately without filling the track with unneccassary points on straight(er) track parts. In other words: If I put 5 degrees in that parameter, a trackpoint would be written whenever my (GPS, not compass!) direction changes more than five degrees.

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Angle of GPS movement or angle between line built from last recorded point and current location and line built from 2nd last point and last point?

I would prefer the latter and would like to use it in logical "and" combination with the existing parameters time and distance.


More or less the latter one. Let`s say you have set the parameter to 5° and are moving in direction 90° and turn a bit left for example 6° (so the direction now would be 84°), then a trackpoint should be recorded.

And I agree, it should be configurable to combine this with time and/or distance intervals.

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