Tracking keeps stopping Android 8

Merijn Van de Geuchte shared this question 12 months ago

Since Android 8 update Locus tracking stops in middle off tracking proces.

Locus has stopped. When i reopen tracking continues but you lose pieces off the track.

I have oneplus 3.

Battery optimalisation from Android is set to not optimalise.

In Locus i have setting 'secure Locus map against automatically stopping' on.

No idea why this is happening, never had it before. It happens since Android 8 update.

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Hi Merijn,

there must be something in your device system that prevents Locus from running in background. Switching off optimalization should work but isn't there some dedicated way how to assign Locus an exception? I don't know personally Oneplus3 system but e.g. on Xiaomis there is something like this. If not, please contact Oneplus3 support for help.