Tracks - filter by distance to closest point

Mike MacKeage shared this question 2 years ago

Looks like you can filter poi's and geocaches by distance, is there any way to do the same for tracks? I couldn't seem to find a way.

Even better would be to set a distance in the settings and have the app automatically hide tracks that are beyond the distance set. Not sure how involved that would be but maybe a script that runs on startup after a GPS fix?

I use this app for backcountry navigation and I load a state wide trail system. Hundreds to thousands of tracks. It isn't broken down by region unfortunately. So if I want to load jeep trails it loads all of them in the state. I don't have an easy way to turn off the tracks (trails) that are hundreds of miles away.

Someday I plan on making my own regions but the database is updated often.

Thanks in advance! Love this app, keep up the great work!

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Just figured out a way to do what I need.

Would still be amazing if it can automatically load x amount of tracks within x amount of distance on startup/gps lock. If not no worries. Thanks for a great app!

For those looking to do what I first requested:

Sort the tracks by distance.

Then click the eyeball icon and hit first x...


Hi Mike,

happy to hear you helped yourself :) Could you please share the source where you get the trails from? We're collecting links and other options how to get to an interesting content in the US so it'd be much appreciated. Thanks!


May not match the usfs mvums, please always check your route against those as well.

The usfs also has regional geo referenced pdfs that I need to figure out how to use with this app... :) overlay and knock out the white areas ideally.... here is a link to those. I believe they update these anually.


Thanks Mike! Geo referenced pdfs must be converted into sqlitedb before using in Locus. Some more info: