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Tracks folder visibility

Igor Martić shared this idea 3 years ago


it would be of much use to have in tracks folders option to completely hide all tracks that are visible in certain folder.

For example, in some mountain region I plan some bike descents, i pull some strava segments and connect them, put all of this in a folder, some tracks inside were temp so i hide them, final tracks are visible.

But also I would like to route through some hiking paths in same area, and put that in new folder named hiking.

Now, I must click on each of the tracks in area and hide them individually to un-clutter the area on map, or i can "hide all", but later I have no option to restore previous visibility state of tracks in folder, only "show all".

So, the idea is "eye" icon next to folder name, or context option, but only to globally hide all already visible tracks in that folder, previously hidden tracks inside of said folder remain hidden on "global" switch and also remain hidden later after that same folder has global visibility switch to "show".

Hope this makes sense, and someone will find it useful.

Thanks in advance,


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Good day Igor,

please try to click on the icon of the folder in the list. You should get some options ... let me know if this is what you are looking for ;).



Haha, this is exactly what I wanted.



Another hidden feature gem. But what is happening during the duration of the message box "Working...%" - not obvious. Maybe "Toggling track visibility...%"?. After experiments I now find a "menu" is only displayed when there are tracks in the folder, and they have mixed visibility. What about always displaying the menu with items that make clear their purpose - more user friendly/ discoverable?

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