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Bogdan Lipiński shared this problem 5 years ago

1. Date of imported track (shown on tracks list) is equal current date instead of date from track (exactly first point of track). I'm not sure if this was intended, but, in my opinion, real time of making track is more useful than time of import operation. I've found in database in table tracks there are columns "start_time" and "stop_time". Since "tracks.stop_time" is filled with "locations.time" from last point then "tracks.start_time" should be filled with "locations.time" from first point.

2. Filter on track list according to date - filtering is made according to date without time, and dates of tracks are saved in database as datetime. This causes that searching track with a particular date requires setting parameter "To" shifted one day. For example, settings: "From" as "2015.02.02" and "To" as "2015.02.02" can find only tracks created at midnight on 2015.02.02, other tracks of the same date requires passing parameter "To" as "2015.02.03".

3. Filter on track list - translating to polish - "From / To" is translating as "Z / Do" but should be translating as "Od / Do" (word "z" refers to the place, and "od" refers to the time).

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1. Improved.

2. Fixed, good point, thanks

3. Feel free to update translation here:

Thanks for a report!


Thanks for rapid reaction.

Thanks for great app.

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