Tracks sort by max speed

ivo Nörenberg shared this idea 7 months ago

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Good day ivo,

I consider "max speed" as one of many many parameters that may be interesting for a small group of users. Others may like to sort by max. altitude, others by max. cadence, max. hrm, min. altitude, average speed etc. I personally do not see a reason why "max. speed" should be more interesting than other basic statistics.

If, then I can imagine creating an improved system for the filter, that allows filtering track with speed higher then X & lower then X, same for elevation, cadence, and some other parameters. Quite a lot of work and not sure how many users would like to have something like this.

Anyway thanks for an idea.


For me its interesting to sort my training results. I would like to see at what days I performed well.

The filtering option would help a lot.