how can i use it?

ulmus shared this problem 5 years ago

i have filled email and pass... what further?

i can see some picture and at the bottom only one button with 'fake' writing on it, nothing to tap on :( no 'log in', 'save' or something...

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Hello Ulmus,

to be true, I've not tested this feature for an years, so I do not even know. By statistics of usage of various features in Locus, this one is one of least used. So support from my side to this feature is really misserablle. As well as interest from users side and admins.

Anyway I'm checking it. Even a start login screen do not work ... "funny". I'll fill main issues that make this feature at least working as was in times of it's glory. So in next version, thanks.

EDIT: so now it should work correctly. I'm personally surprise what this feature do :). Do not know if it will be useful for you. Hope that yes, at least something.

Thanks for a question, that leads to this issue.


I was just playing with some online services, that is all :-) maybe locus will have online accounts to synchronize tracks and pois?


"maybe locus will have online accounts to synchronize tracks and pois" ... our big dream :)