Trailforks Overlay

Jan Weigand shared this idea 2 years ago
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Trailforks gets better every Month and a Map Overlay for Locus would be splendid.

The Api is alive and no big deal for you guys I guess.

User Interface. Suggestion

Checkbox -> Show Trailforks Trails as Overlay.

  • Show Double Black Diamond Trails
  • Show Black Diamon Trails
  • ...
  • Show Access Road
  • optional show only trails with recent ridelogs (lets you decide if the trail is maintainanced or the data is to old to bother)
  • optional show only trails with rating higher than xy

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Workaround to get some Trailforks trails in a previous known area in a nice way displayed in locus maps:

1) Identify the coordinates of the area you are interested in. the area will be an rectangle. Look for the upper left and lower right corrdinate.

-> assume the coordinates are 43.034,10.453 and 42.429,11.034

2) put both coordinates comma separated in a list: "43.034,10.453,42.429,11.034"

3) use trailforks api to get data:,10.453,42.429,11.034&api_key=docs

4) result will be a json. copy everything inside "data" - without sourrunding quotes! - into a .kml file.

5) correct escaping: replace \n with a correct line break. Replace \" with "

6) save in Locus\mapItems

Disclaimer: please respect usage conditions of the trailforks api!


Sure... you can also use the Locus "Favorites" feature to automate about half of that monster shebang. Unfortunately, its development stopped just an hour short of being really finished... so it doesn't seem to be possible to display the result in Locus directly... at least I failed trying to jump through a dozen hoops :).

Shame... it would be so easy with a little more help from Locus...


This feature is very nice. Trailforks is being used by more and more mountain bikers. But I do not want to use 2 apps. If possible, I want to do as much as possible with Locus.


If only locus team were m... instead of g... :)


What a great idea. Best idea for me. Very important for MTB. But also hiking, as there are often hiking trails here.


Maybe there is also the possibility with an online map and then use this as an overlay?