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Шпак Я, shared this idea 7 years ago
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Hi, there will be much more accurate track recording if "bearing change" condition and "velocity change" options will be added to meet record conditions. Moreover it will help to reduce size of recorded track. For example if you tick couple options to meet record point condition - "bearing" changed over 5 degrees OR "velocity" changed over 5 km/h. In this case if you riding 5 km in stright line with constant speed only two track points would be recorded. In opposite situation when you riding very curve way with each change direction you get point on your track that give you presice track record. Thanks.

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>Moreover it will help to reduce size of recorded track..

Example: 930 KM, 2726 Points = only 100kb kml file.

I don't think "reduce size" is a top argument.


I like this idea because of more precision recording on curves.

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