Trim trailing blanks from search terms

mambofive shared this problem 7 years ago

Some Android keyboard apps (e.g. SwiftKey) add a trailing blank when choosing a word from the list of suggested words.

Let's say I have a POI named "Example", and try to search to it. Typing "Examp" in e.g. SwiftKey and choose "Example" from the suggestion list. SwiftKey now enters "Example " (with a trailing blank) in the search term field, and Locus will not find my POI because nothing matches the search term.

I know this is more a SwiftKey problem, but this functionality is useful when typing texts. I'd like Locus to (optionally) trim search terms (remove all leading and trailing white spaces) before starting the search.

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I see this more then a problem in Locus. Fixed, thanks

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