Tunnels cause elevation errors

David Cundy shared this question 10 months ago

If locus maps plans a route through a road tunnel, it appears to take the elevation from the surface above. This gives a completely false calculation of height loss and height gain. If the roads have a "tunnel" tag, a better assumption would be to assume a linear height change through the tunnel.

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Good day David,

problematic, known, unsolved problem. Routing itself is usually done outside of Locus itself, but compute of elevation is done directly in Locus. So information about tunnel is currently not known in app and that's why Locus compute elevation like you ride on the surface. With new GraphHopper online routing, these seem to be an option to get also information about a type of surface and hopefully also about tunnels. I would rather not to promise anything (sorry), but there is a chance, that this problem will have a solution.

For now, probably best should be use "draw manually", if you know about the tunnel. Just place a point at the start of tunnel and second point on the end. It should work as a temporary workaround. Thanks for understanding.