Two additonal icons for ship and train wanted

Hans Pluhar shared this idea 6 years ago
Gathering feedback

i neeeeeddd! two more icons (SHIP) and (TRAIN) inside of Locus-BRouter-adjustment!

Measuring distances&area

choose: bike/car/....

if you define additional types SHIP or TRAIN you won`t find corresponding icons.

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Routing per Ship an Train ???


YES, freischneider,

Ship: routing for a kanu-travel on rivers (along the donau i.e....); there is a brouter-dataset.

Train: looking as a "hobo" how to travel on train from A to B; there is a brouter-dataset (railway).

What I neeeeddd, is just 2 more icons inside the Locus-brouter-setting. not more. its rearly simple.

at the time i have to combine SHIP or TRAIN with a bike-icon ...and so on... :-(

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