Unable to connect to data.linz.govt.nz WMS service

Nev P shared this problem 2 years ago
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The New Zealand LINZ Data Service (https://data.linz.govt.nz/my/api/) provides a freely available WMS service to the public.

There are two WMS URLs which both access almost identical data from this service. One is an old depricated URL and the other is a newer URL that apparently allows for additional functionality. The two URLs are as follows;

Old: http://wms.data.linz.govt.nz/<API Key>/r/wms

New: https://data.linz.govt.nz/services;key=<API Key>/wms?Service=WMS&version=1.1.1&request=GetCapabilities

Where <API key> is a 32 digit hex key that can be obtained after registering a free account.

I have used both URLs successfully in GIS software on my PC (both QGIS and ArcGIS). When I attempt to use them in Locus on my Android device I can connect to the old URL and view the map/satellite/chart imagery without any problem. If I attempt to connect using the new URL I simply get the error message "Process Unsuccessful" and I am unable to connect.

Are you able to tell me whether this is a problem with Locus or with the service being provided by LINZ. The new URL uses HTTPS, could this be the issue?

Customer support for the LINZ service have told me that the old URL could be turned off at any time so I would like to get the new URL working with Locus if at all possible.

As an aside and as has been discussed in a previous thread, it would be ideal if Locus could connect to the LINZ WMTS tile service which serves the same data as the WMS service.



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Dear Neville,

I'm sorry for late response. Honestly we'd like to implement WMTS service (for everyone) if available then playing with WMS. However I cant find any info about WMTS on NZ Land information sites. Do you have please link / url with more information about LINZ WMTS services?

Thank you for your help

Best regards



Good day guys,

I'm just fixing few problems with WMS system in Locus Map and found this topic as well.

@Petr, any news from WMTS provider?


I quickly checked again the LINZ data service and it seems that they provide NZ TOPO 50 as WMTS service under CC 3.0



However the API key is needed. I'll found out more.



Hi guys

Sorry I never replied last year.

Yes, it is the LINZ Data Service (LDS), https://data.linz.govt.nz/, that provides all the WMS and WMTS services for Land Information New Zealand.

This link gives info about the NZTopo50 layer specifically;


Also the smaller scale NZTopo250 layer;


Another useful layer would be the NZ Aerial Imagery layer;


There are other layers that could be useful as well, but these three would be awesome to have.

In order to access the services it is necessary to create an account (no cost) and to create an API key that is associated with the account and is used within the WMTS or WMS URL. The API key is created here;


The terms of use can be found here;


At first glance I don't think these prohibit use in an application such as Locus.

I am a surveyor in NZ and have several contacts within LINZ so if you have any specific questions don't hesitate to ask. I will be working away from the office for the next two weeks so any responses from me may not be immediate.



I have been using locus FREE for some years but would like to get a LinZ map with parcel/properties boundaries as background. Is this possible with the PRO?



at this moment there is available only NZ Topo map in the Locus Pro. However do you know if LINZprovides any WMS or WMTS service for map you requested?

Thanks, Petr