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Unable to open Locus help

Piotr Dobczyński shared this problem 15 months ago


When I try to open Locus help, I get always an error message „Noavailable applications” („Brak dostępnych aplikacji” in thescreenshot). I expect Locus to open my web browser and to show help site but it doesn’thappen. In the past I didn't have any problem with it.

The problem occursin the following menu positions

Menu > Aboutapp/Support > Knowledge base (Helpdesk/Website/Facebook too)

and in all contextmenus with item „User manual”.

I have checked it onLocus Pro 3.37.1 and on Free version. Reinstallation of theapplication and restart my phone didn’t help me. I set also default web browser to Opera51.1.2461.137501 and to Chrome 73.0.3683.75 but without success. Other applications on my phone don't have any problems with openning their help sites on my default web browser.

My phone is SamsungA3 (2017) with Android 8.0.0.



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Good day Piotr,

sorry for complication and thank you for the precise bug report.

The issue is caused by the fact, that you use Opera as primary web browser. This browser caused us a few headaches last weeks due to some unsolved problems. So we disabled it's support in Locus Map and this is result.

Opera had anyway a few days ago bigger update which I hope to solve the problems I wrote about. In the next few days will be published a new version of Locus Map as well, where Opera will be unbanned again.

The temporary solution is to install an alternative web browser like Chrome, DuckDuckGo etc.

Thanks for understanding.


Hello Menion,

thank you for your prompt reply. I am glad that the issue will be resolved soon.

Best regards,


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