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Unable to open the "Send to"-Menü

Daigers shared this problem 6 years ago

For 2 week I get a new Android-update on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (no new Version, only for stability). My Android-Version is 6.0.1. But after this update I have to reset my phone and reinstall all apps because the phone doesn't work normal after the update. So I have to reinstall Locus Pro and the add-on for field notes. But this is not your Problem.

But today (when I was geocaching for the first time after the reinstall) I notice that I can't send the fieldnotes from the addon via mail or so. Immediately when I mark some found Caches in the addon an klick on "Send to" I get the error-message "Kann nicht in Datei schreiben." (cannot write to file). I don't get the selection to choose mail or Whatsapp or another app to share the fieldnote. There is only this error message. When I want to save the fieldnotes offline I get the same message.

So I have to upload the fieldnotes to But normaly I send the field notes via mail to myself. So I can import it to GSAK because I log with GSAK because it is more comfortable.

My installed versions:

Locus 3.24.3


My Locus Folder is /sdcard/Locus.



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Good day Daigers,

I'm currently testing this behavior with latest version of add-on and it seems to work correctly. Error you wrote seems to be some issue with writing to device storage. I suggest to check if you granted "Storage" permission to this add-on in system > apps settings.

I not developer of this add-on, so we have to wait on answer of developer, I ( as a Locus Map developer ) may only suggest temporary alternative to open Locus > menu > more > Geocaching tools > Field notes manager > and here select field notes and over menu > Export to file, that should give same results as over add-on.



Hello Menion,

thank you for the hint with the "Storage"-permission. That was the problem. It was deactivate and after I allow it the send to-function of the add-on works correctly.

I had the same problem with the mobile of my wife (Galaxy S6) after I made a factory reset on it and reinstall locus and the add-ons (like on my mobile). The send to-function doesn't work. But the problem is only after a factory reset. If you install a Android update on your mobile without making a factory reset before or after the update the add-on works.

Everytime there was a major update of Android on my phone (for example from Android 5 to Android 6) I made a factory reset and install all completely new. And since I had my first mobile I made this very often. But never before I had to set the Storage-permission manually. Everytime the add-on works correct after I install it.

Because of this I don't search the problem in the permissions of the add-on. But now it works again. That's the main point.

Thanks again.




Perfect, you are welcome. Since Android 6 ( maybe 5, not perfectly sure now ), apps needs to be prepared to a new system of permissions and directly request user to grant access to SD card etc. Seems that Field notes add-on is not yet perfectly ready for this. Hope Jarda will take care of it.

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