Unable to login to Geocaching.com via Locus Pro

Paul Barber shared this problem 6 years ago
Not a Problem

When trying to access Geocaching (premium) account via Locus am asked to input account login at Geocaching.com in (android`s own) Internet browser.

Select "Allow Access" on following page but am given an error message in browser "Webpage not available......The webpage at locus://oauth.callback/callback?oauth_verifer=xxxxxx&oauth_token=xxxx might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address"

An authorisation token is being produced by Geocaching.com (I receive a confirmation email allowing access to device/app) but it looks like the procedure for parsing the authorisation token to Locus is failing. Have same problem using "Geocaching4Locus" to login (just t.he error page begins with "x-g4l://" instead of "locus://".

Have tried clearing cookies etc, but still fails.

btw I have only used Locus on one android device

Thanks in advance for your help

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Hello Paul,

I`m worried that it`s more problem of your android browser then locus or add-on itself. Did you tried to login using another web browser? Opera or dolphin for example? Btw. what Android device, version and ROM are you using?


Since version 2.18.0, Locus use own web browser for login, where most problems should be fixed. Anyway if there will still be any problem with login, this new "login window" contain Refresh button in top right corner. So try to use it, it may helps.