Unknown error when using BRouter

Dave Welsh shared this question 2 years ago

I have the current version of Locus and Brouter installed.

I updated my map files for Locus and the Brouter tiles.

I am in Texas. I want to go to Green Bay Wi. I did my search, Selected Green Bay.

Locus Calculated for several minutes and then returned

Unknown Error

Then it just stops and when you try it again you get the same error. You must clear your destination and start over. It seems it will not generate a route over 1000 miles?

Are we asking too much? Do we need to use a Via Points? It generates this error no matter what profile you chose.

I am looking for some information so I can work around the limitations a trip this size brings with it.

Locus Version 3.24.4

brouter is 1.4.7 I think...dated 1-9-17

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Hi Dave,

we know about this issue, unfortunately we can't do anything with it - it's a problem on BRouter's side. If you insist on using BRouter for such a long journey, create the route on its website Brouter.de and export it to Locus. And don't forget to set "assign turnInstructionMode = 2" in BRouter configuration.


Hi Dave, an alternative to BRouter is GraphHopper. It also has online version for route calculation and allows export to gpx (so you can import into Locus).


GraphHopper is also a locus plugin for calculating offline routes. In the Locus forum is the plugin to download and explains how to create the map data for you to use.

Also in the Beta version of Locus, the option to search for routes online using GraphHopper is being tested.



Thanks for the info guys. It was just something that popped up and I was curious about.

I looked into Graph hopper but the install is WAY over my head.


You should know that it is rather unfair to compare offline and online routing services. Online services have much mightier computational power and resources. Additionally, especially for car routing, they usually use specialized algorithms from Contracted hierarchy family, based on very heavy preprocessing of routing data, leading to very fast computation time.

BRouter uses modified variant of A star algorithm, where complexiity grows with the distance squared. Especially on slower devices and for longer ( >200 km ) routes. the computation can last long minutes, and for many hundreds kilometers it can crash. Note also, that BRouter processes very rich road network, compared to dedicated car routers, so more data to process.

Notice also, that the native offline routing of OSMAnd applications has similar problems, there is no way to calculate 1000+ miles route.

One way to workaround it is using viapoints. E.g. Using 1 viapoint in the middle of route decreases resource demand typically to 1/4 and computation time o 1/2.

Another way is using online Brouter client, e.g. https://brouter.damsy.net/, downloading the route as GPX file, and navigating the route along that file ( including voice/iconic hints, if you select locus hint way in the profile ).

another way, how to speed up the computation and save the resources, is using the express routing modes in my car profiles, that ignore existance of some data.

All 3 ways can be combined.


Generally, it is always good to first determine, if an issue really involves Locus, or if it is solely a BRouter thing. In the latter case, it is better to solve in in BRouter Google Group, as the BRouter is not part of Locus, nor is it a Locus plugin.

It is independent application, exposing its interface to BRouter aware applications like LocusMap, OSMAnd, and OruxMaps.



I do not disagree with you Libor that online and off line are 2 very different animals.

The big reason I have brouter in locus is because I do not always have a cell signal or wifi connection to the internet. So knowing how to use Locus and Brouter is very important to me.

I would never really just toss out a trip of 1000 miles like this, it would all be planned at home and moved via gpx file to Locus on my phone. This was just something that came up, and I wanted to know why.