Update cache in POI popups

popescu shared this idea 9 years ago
Gathering feedback

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could update the cahce directly from the map? You can see the last 5-10 logtypes now in the popup which tells you quickly whether the cache is okay, but that's not always relevant for the real situation because the cache might be outdated and the logs old.

You could get a quick idea whether the cache is really okay directly in the popup without the need to open the cache page. Or you could quicky check whether a disabled cache has been enabled in the meantime.

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This task is even more on me (as a developer of Locus) then on a Arcao (as a developer of G4L add-on).

Currently there is no such possibility to extend content of popup menu. I think that it is way to much. I do not want to decline this feature directly, but expect huge resistance from my side :). As I wrote on more places. I wanted to keep popup menu simple. It already isn't and I really do not wants to complicate whole system more and more ... thanks for understanding.

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