Update calorie statistic after editing a track

aaaaa shared this idea 4 months ago

I went on a bike ride and recorded it with GPS on. The route went through a tunnel so I think my phone lost GPS signal. My track says I hit 50 miles/hour and my calories burned metric is 4500 kcal. I'm not that fast.

So I manually edited the track to remove the problem points and now my max speed looks a lot more realistic, but he calories metric is still stuck at 4500.

So it would be nice if that metric would auto update after an edit to a track.

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compute of calories, if you do not use heart rate sensor, is based on the speed (computed from coordinates), slope and time. It is possible that you removed points, that had no effect on calories (geometry of track does not change).

Consumed energy should be re-computed as well, as other track statistics.

You may also try to change activity type in the first tab of the track detail, that trigger recompute as well (just to see if value changes).



Yeah looks like that did it. I also went back to the original track and removed a few more track points around the tunnel and saw the calorie count drop to 2000kcal (that still seems like a lot because other sites based on time and speed say around 400-600kcal but this might be a different issue).