Update Elevation (for multiple tracks)

Marty McFly shared this idea 4 years ago
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A quality of life feature would be "mass update elevation". You can manually update elevation for each track. But when you have many tracks that need to be updated, it can be a pain.

GPS can be imprecise especially in elevation gain. When I do 40km on a mtb and get 2000m of el, something is wrong. After updating el., I get more real value of 700m. And I do ride/walk very often, so do many others.

So having be able to update them en masse would make solving this problem easily.

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I wanted to ask for the same. It just makes sense. Current workaround is Export to GPX, on import elevation can be updated for multiple tracks.

My use case: I had a faulty setting in altitude manager which I overlooked and so had to correct elevation (from pure Lidar SRTM) for last months recordings.


Haha, I have created a helpdesk entry as well some time ago 😁

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