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Update of a geocache don't display new waypoints

rvheddeg shared this problem 10 years ago

When solving mystery caches on my PC, I copy&paste the coordinates of the final location in the private notes on the geocaching webpage. When I then "update a cache" in Locus, it retrieves this info and when it finds coordinates it makes waypoints. This is a very neat feature. But, in the latest versions (including the waypoint list is not updated. Only when you close and reopen the geocache the waypoints are displayed.

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I was searching why this happen together with balloni on forum for quite a long time. We finally found, that this is a problem in Locus API.

When you want to update a cache, Locus send event to Geocaching4Locus and this send information back. But not back to app that send it, but back to

1. Locus Pro if exists, or

2. Locus Free

So your data are updated by small tool in your Locus Pro instalation and that's why it's not refreshed in your running testing version.

So this problem happen only in Free version if you have also installed Pro version.

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