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Updating a filtered list of geocaches destroyed the database

rvheddeg shared this problem 8 years ago

I had a list of 7 point categories.

I was in one of the categories with only geocaches in it (>3500 points).

I filtered this list only on distance (15000m).

Then I started to update all the geocaches in this list (>700).

Locus crashed, and on restarting (automatically) I noticed that there were no more geocaches.

Now I only have 2 categories left. 1 genuine, the other called "points", but this is in fact empty.

Backup was also not working apparently.

I can't reproduce it (of course), but maybe you are something with this info.

I'm rebuilding everything now.

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sorry to hear that. But such issue may happen only in case, there were any problem with access to SD card.

Are you using Locus on external SD card? If so, I really suggest to check it (SD Card) in your PC if there is not any problem with it.

And you wrote that restoring of backup not work? Why? What happen after you tried it?

Otherwise there is not a lot I can do. Fact that Locus restarted and then recreated new empty database may only mean, that old was completely destroyed by system. You may also check if in Locus/data/database isn't any "backup" file for old "dbWaypoints" file, that should contain your old data.


It was not located to an external SD card. I had too many problems with it.

I have noticed that if I made a new (existing) category now, Locus remembers that there were so many items in this category, but if I try to access them, it can't find them.How must I clean this? I have all the tracks (thank god, thats the most important for me) and 1 category for the points. How to clean only the points without losing the remaining points?


So even on internal memory this problem happen? Weird.

Anyway you do not answered on most important question - why backup not work.

Tracks that you have may work, but expect that all points that you took during a ride (points added directly to track) are also stored in same files as waypoints, so you probably lost them also.

To clean counters, just delete Locus/data/database/.count_dbWaypoints . This file only hold numbers of points in folders to make these numbers available faster without need to compute them again and again ...

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