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Updating data OSM - Outdoor / Outdoors

Anders Borgström shared this question 5 years ago

I have edited map details on OpenStreetMap but the changes does not appear on the default map of OSM - Outdoor/Outdoors. Other maps that also include details from OSM have been updated. I've cleared the cache to try to force it to update but without success. There's also not possible to download the map since it's online only.

How can I force a map to update details from OpenStreetMap for example?

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I'm not sure but I think that Outdoors map service has own cache and data are updated every week (I think). You can check the problematic area directly at

The only way is to wait for till data will be update on map server. ( Please delete also sometime the Locus cache as you already did)

Thanks, Petr


Okey. Thanks for fast response! Will have to wait and see how often the updates are then. =)

Regards, Anders

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