UPGRADE: Bluetooth GPS w/ Locus or Fully-handheld GPS device?

Rogemar shared this question 2 years ago

Hi all,

I would like to ask feedback about using a Bluetooth GPS in Android with Locus Pro?

Story: I'm contemplating to buy a fully GPS handheld device like Garmin 64ts because I'm not satisfied with the GPS accuracy of new phone (Huawei P9 w/ Kirin chipset), instead of buying a new phone with Snapdragon chipset for better GPS accuracy.

What's holding me back right are:

1. I can't let go of Locus Pro that I'm using for 3 years now.

2. I'm not comfortable having 2 smartphones.

3. Cost of a handheld GPS device

4. Less feature and unpleasant interface of handheld GPS device like Garmin.

I'm thinking of an option which I can still use Locus Pro as my main GPS tracker that I think of the following option:

1. Garmin GLO Receiver w/ Locus Pro

Pros - Affordable; better tracking interface; convenient controls; advanced features

Con - Not sure of the accuracy, any feedback?

2. Garmin 64st

Pro - Best GPS Accuracy, can be paired with Locus

Cons - Expensive, Unpleasant interface, inconvenient controls

Help me decide. Need your feedback particularly on the GPS accuracy of Garmin GLO which will save me a lot of money. Or if you have other suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks a lot! 👍

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Also, I would like to clarify if you are already connected to a external GPS via bluetooth, does your internal GPS on android will stop or will also function together with the external?


Good day Rogemar,

I personally have no experience with Garmin Glo, so cannot help directly.

Anyway maybe you should read this older topic http://help.locusmap.eu/topic/garmin-glo-compatibility . You may also try to add additional comments there with hope, original author is still active Locus user and maybe he may give you answers with his 2+ years usage of Garmin Glo.

Anyway as I see http://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_p9-7972.php , your device should support three satellite sources!! so it's accuracy should be in real close to around 5 meters I think. To be true, I can't imagine that any cheap device ( I talk about non-professional devices with price less then around 2000 € ), will have a significantly better accuracy.

Wasn't it just one-time bad experience with some wrong reception under trees or near high buildings etc? I do not want underestimate your technical experiences, just asking!

Real experience of anyone who use Garmin Glo or any Garmin device is really needed here to get more realistic answer.



Thanks Menion for the immediate response, I appreciate it.

With regards to my smartphone with HiSilicon Kirin 955 chipset, yes it has GPS, GLONASS and BDS receiver; however, the signal isn't that great which gps fix/lock often lost while hiking. I think the chipset is not that optimized in tracking (much worse if the chipset is Mediatek).

Previously, I had a smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset which is optimized with tracking.

Having the same scenario last weekend: sunny and in a place with some trees; smartphone is attached in my bag front strap, if I'm using my previous phone with snapdragon chipset, my gps would be still lock/fix even in a dense forest, unlike with my current phone.

I'll try to test my smartphone again, but would likely want to try Garmin GLO if accuracy will be better.


Sure you are welcome.Because it is more related to "hardware problem", then a Locus Map iself, I may also suggest to ask in more hardware-focused servers, like this one: https://forum.xda-developers.com/p9-plus/help/huawei-p9-plus-gps-quality-t3479219


I have now the GARMIN GLO, I bought a gps receiver instead of a dedicated handheld gps device, for 3 reasons:

1. I couldn't let go of Locus pro app, it's the reason why I'm not changing to iOS.

2. Cheapest upgrade than. buying flagship phone models and handheld gps.

3. So happy with the accuracy, I'm inside a moving vehicle with speed 80kph but the accuracy is 1.5-2meters. So happy!


I use a Garmin GLO because I was not happy with the accuracy of the GPS in my Nomu S10 phone. It works very well and I can still connect the phone to a headset in my motorcycle helmet.