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Adelino Silva shared this question 12 months ago

Hello. I often use the free version of Locus. But as I need some features of the Pro version, today I bought the version But instead of updating the free version, another version was installed. But I really wanted to keep all the definitions, maps, tracks, geocaches, etc ... that I had in the free version. How can I do it? I didn't find a way to back up and restore.

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Hi Adelino,

Locus Map Free and Pro share the same data - it is stored in the /Locus/ directory. If the directory is stored in your phone internal memory, you can uninstall the Free version, the data will not be deleted. If you changed the default storage space to the SD card (directory Android/data/menion.android.locus/files, then the data will be deleted so make a copy of it before uninstallation. The only settings are connected separately, all other data are shared. If there is one /Locus/ directory in your memory, then both Free and Pro read from it. If you need to move your "free" settings to the "pro" version, do it via Backup manager in your free version.

best regards

Michal, Locus team