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Upload corrected coordinates to and changing the listing coordinates

Daigers shared this question 4 years ago


I don't find this topic so I make a new one. Locus is a very great tool and mostly I need it for geocaching. But I didn't find the possibility to upload corrected listing coordinates directly to Not as a note. With the upload I want to replace the existing listing coordinates on the Website.

In c:geo there it is possible. If you create in c:geo a new waypoint you can choose between 3 possibilitys. One of them is to set the typed in coordinates as the the cache-coordinates (local and website).

Is this possible in Locus, too? This function is the last one for which I have to take c:geo. For all other I use Locus. If it is not possible in Locus please change this ticket to an idea for future updates.


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Hi Daigers,

unfortunately, it's not possible due to limitations on side. C:geo enables this option ilegally against terms (like many other things).

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