Upload Notes and redo waypoint discovery in text

R5O.nl shared this idea 10 years ago
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Now with the new Notes Upload function in Locus 3.x, on the automatically added waypoints:

When downloading a cache with Notes in which a coord is present, then Locus will auto-create an additional WP. That is then made visible on map, connected to the cache with a thin red line.

When I now update the Notes text in Locus and upload it, can we make Locus to redo this WP handling?

It will do it anyway, when I 'Update the cache': then all is downloaded from gc.com, including the Notes. With that Locus now also redoes the WP handling: it updates the additional WP.

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here is one major problem. Update function and generally whole downloading of caches from Internet is done by Geocaching4Locus add-on, not by Locus itself. So function that creates waypoints from notes isn't in Locus.

Here also depends on your use case. Isn't easier to put just values into notes in Locus and in the end just create a new waypoint directly in Locus?

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