Upload waypoint to gc.com

Ondřej Suchý shared this idea 3 years ago
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Když si ke keši přidám waypointy, bylo by možné je poslat zpět na web GC.com? Třeba jako poznámku? Poznámku poslat lze, tak by to mohla vyřešit nová funkce Převést vlastní waypointy na poznámku.

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I like this idea. Just collect all waypoint names and coordinates as a note and upload them to GC. This feature would update waypoints automatically after changing the note in "Personal cache note" in GC and downloading the cache to Locus Map again.

It would be VERY helpful after having solved a Multi cache with the Cache Solver AddOn while creating additional stages and reference point underway.

1) Cache Solver updates waypoints (and their coordinates) in Locus Map (actually working feature)

2) Locus Map updates the note using the existing waypoints (all or selected only, eventually overwriting the old note) THIS AND ONLY THIS WOULD BE THE NEW FEATURE REQUEST

3) Upload the note to GC (actually working feature)

4) do some changes (if needed)

5) update cache in Locus Map (if needed, actually working feature)

Creating a note with a list of all or selected waypoints would help a lot. Uploading them to "Personal cache notes" would save a lot of time documenting the Multi cache at groundspeak.com after a find or after giving up at any stage.