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Uploading Geocaching Offline Logs

Alan Budden shared this question 8 years ago

I use Locus with geocaching4locus. I've downloaded lots of caches to the device and went and found a few today. As I was finding them I used the offline log feature to log my visit without an internet connection.

Is there a way of bulk-uploading the offline logs? It seems rather tedious to manually search for the ones I found during the day and then upload the logs one-by-one.

Thanks for a great application by the way.

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Actually, scratch that: I just realised that the FieldNotes add-on has this functionality. Thanks again for a great app.


Hello Alan,

as you found. Some part of work with logs was moved to this add-on. Uploading itself is done by locus, but all other work is done by add-on. Enjoy app and have a nice day.

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