Use only pressure sensor when measuring altitude

Alexey shared this question 7 years ago

Is it possible to use only pressure sensor for altitude measurements? The thing is I use my SGS4 Active for work purpose which implies recording height profiles of certain accuracy. To this day I used OruxMaps which has the option of using only barometer for height measurements. The resulting curve is not perfect in terms of noise but after some postprocessing it all gets settled. Accuracy in this case is +- 20 cm which is enough for my needs. I found Locus to be far more mature and handy software comparing to OruxMaps, however I miss the abovementioned feature badly. I tested it the following way: Locus started with pressure sensor option "ON", then I raise and lower my phone roughly 0.5 meter and look upon values on dashboard - they change in 2 meter range which suggests GPS is the main source of altitude data. Am I right in thinking that currently Locus uses mainly GPS data and pressure sensor provides only small corrections? If so is there a possibility of adding another checkbox in Altimeter menu which restricts GPS Z-coordinate data completely? Thank you in advance.

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Good da Alexey

this is interesting.

If you enable pressure sensor in Locus and calibrate it on any altitude value, then all altitude measurements are really used only by this sensor!

Anyway Locus record last 10 measured values and do average from it. Practically it means, that Locus do average from last 2 seconds (I think that refresh is around 5 values per second). So it's surprising that you get 2 meters difference. Thanks to averaging, it should be even less then real value.

Anyway to be true, pressure sensor in Locus is not perfectly tested, so there may be any issue with it. If you already used Orux and it works for you, then I suggest to use both at once and compare results.

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