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v3 maps extended features for v4 maps?

IG shared this question 5 years ago


So as I understood now there are two Mapsforge map renderers in the app, the old "extended" one for v3 maps and the latest(?) "stock" one for the v4 multi-language maps. Do you plan to bring the old engine's "extensions" like scaling text/symbols with zoom, background rectangle for labels, uppercase text etc. to the current engine? These features would be improvements for v4 maps as well.

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we always postponed the implementation of v4 renderer because the "Locus V3" renderer is quite customized for Locus. It's not only about the themes but mainly about the performance (the speed of rendering). In case that we would decided to switch from V3 to V4 we would probably supports only the "stock" V4 renderer. But this is hypothetical question and I can not give you exact answer. There are no exact plans at this moment. Maybe that we could directly participate on MapForge project and try to to bring some custom parameters into default render. Or who knows, maybe we would chose completely different way for vector maps. There isn't any exact plan at this moment.


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