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Value is below recommended minimum 10 m (Track recording - Profiles) and others

Sergey Voloshin shared this problem 6 years ago





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Good day Sergey,

thanks for your bug report. Issue with values for recording profile is not that "it is not possible", but seems that error notification cover "set" button. My colleague was able to simulate same problem, so error cover button and also does not disappear when click into field.

I'm fighting with it and at least, I've added bigger space between buttons and edit field. So consider as fixed.

About decimal numbers for speed values: from my points of view, decimal numbers for speed does not make sense. Anyway fact that it is not possible to set it, is currently an accident. So it will be also changed in next version. Thanks.


I think that trying to set a distance interval is still an issue. So, trying to set an interval of 4 Feet, I am greeted with the "Value is below Recommended Minimum of 33Ft"

There isn't any way to set any lower distance interval. This thread says this problem was 'fixed' years ago. I guess I'm wondering, how was this fixed. Looks the same to me? Any ideas what to do? Can the warning box be sized down along with the font so that it doesn't cover the SET button. So what if it's lesson than a supposed recommended minimum. It's only extra memory being used up to store all the extra data points, right?

I am using LMP v 3.52.1

Lane Mitrex

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