Value visible below line to GPS=5 NOT CONSISTENT

Marius Moldovan shared this problem 3 years ago

I changed in config.cfg :



The problem I see is that the time to the target(below line to GPS) is not displayed for many seconds(even if I was continuously walking 20 minutes before setting target).After some time, the value is displayed for some seconds, but after that, it disappear again.(in this time I was NOT stopped,but continuous walking)

Sometimes it works(display time to target), sometimes not.

I think that the value should be kept displayed ,taking into account the average mean speed from the last 5-10 minutes(not only average speed from the last 1 minute) I can see the value even if I stop for 1-2 minutes to watch the display

Thank you

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Good day Marius,

thank you for your bug-report!

I have found that compute of ETA in this case was based on older method, that may caused these troubles. I've improved it little bit, so it should be fixed in next version. Let me know after test, if there will still be any problem.

Have a nice day.


OK Menion, thank you..

Next version meaning beta, or the next stable ?