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Qba shared this idea 4 years ago

Hi Locus Team,

Is there a chance to have as a "value above/below the lines" also time to & distance? Using a time to above and distance below is not a work-around for me as I need also third value - bearing.

best regards

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Good day Qba,

I do not know exact use-case and reason why you need this option, anyway I can imagine that every user has different needs. Locus currently offer to display two values along lines (except small exception of ETA & time to target which are really close values ), and there is no plan to create any special combinations.

Thanks for understanding.


Hi Menion,

The purpose to have that 3 values for me is for flying but is common for all navigation activities when You need to know your direction, distance to waypoint and time it will take You. In most cases time and distance are needed intetchangabely - depends on situation. But changing it every time in settings is not best nor quickest option.

But if it is not possible, I regret but will understand.

Good night

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