Vector map legend does not match LoMaps

Josh Vader shared this question 7 months ago

I know that this page is supposed to be the legend:, however that page is not consistent with what I see on my map.

For instance, there is no moon-shaped symbol on the legend. Also, the "shelter" icon (not in my screenshot) looks nothing like the shelter icon on the legend, and I believe they are hiking trails, that are represented as thick purple lines, which the legend says to be a"Province, state, territory, region"

I guess I just dont understand why there isn't a map legend built into to the app?

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Dear Josh,

I'm sorry for troubles. The legend is really obsolete and the update is on our TO-DO task list.

The "moon" symbol represents the cliffs or bare solid rock. Thank you for notice about similarity of region border with bike trails (the purple lines represents marked or designed bike trails).

The build in legend was already discussed here. Unfortunately it's little bit complicated because there are several themes, themes can even display different elements and there are also some technical limitation. However thank you for post we'll improve and feel free to contact me with further questions.

BR Petr


To make a Themen dependent Legende for the Maps would bei a great improvement.

A current legend on the lomaps would also be a step forward. I've spent several hours searching for a correct legend. I couldn't believe it didn't exist. All I found was

This is the only one that doesn't match the card.

I also noticed that the link "Legend: Website" does not work. A correct legend is a basic function for meaningful use.

Please complete as a matter of urgency.

Thank you