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Vector map shows street names incorrect (Android 5)

Kristaps Kravalis shared this problem 9 years ago


After updating to Lollipop 5.0 i can't see specific symbols in street names on vector maps. My country uses few charatcers that are like ā ē ū ī č etc.

See picture below. There should be Brīvības Bulvāris and Priežu iela.

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Good day Kristaps,

I have been testing this problem today as it appears on my tablet also. It seems to be a new problem in Android L in cases, when Locus draws text along any line.

I'll try to contact Google Dev team to get some more info from them.


Is there any progress with the issue?

Currently Locus Pro is useless since it can't render text (streets, pois, ...) correctly, unless it's on horizontal line.


Ufff, this one was really really hard. Thank you for your report.

Issue id directly in Android device, reported here:

Will be anyway fixed in new Locus version, thanks to one workaround.

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