Vector Maps rendering slower with 3.4.0

Oliver Naumann shared this problem 6 years ago

after the latest Update, the rendering of my Vector maps (I use openandromaps Germany Map) has gotten slower.

I even saw some funny behaviour: It seems to display / create the tiles faster, when I move the map: Sometimes the rendering seems to be stuck for 2-3 seconds and then when I move the map suddenly all tiles apear.

this happen when paning the map and when zooming in and out.

I also tried the built in themes, same behaviour.

I could not see anyone else complaining, so this is strange. I use Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (2013)

On more of a side note: wouldn't it make sense to cache some of the Vector tiles? even before the latest update it was visible when paning left and right that it was always recalcultaing. When using hill shading this gets really slow...

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Good day Oliver,

I have to say, that definitely rendering is not slower. Maybe it is even faster. Only change was in number of requests on refresh of screen. It's reduced. And this is a problem. Instead of refreshing of screen when single tile is loaded, locus waits a longer. And seems by your post (and to me, this happen also once or twice), that it do not render screen at all and waits till your touch, to refresh it.

I'll try to improve it, in worst case, I should enable refresh as was before.

About caching ... long discussion on this topic is somewhere here on help desk. I'm anyway really not a fan of this solution and unfortunately no one was yet able to convince me (btw. Locus is already caching some vector tiles, but only low zoom levels on small devices if I remember correctly)


Thanks for your quick response, Menion. Interesting, what you describe totally makes sense and describes what happens perfectly. So it's only perception then :-) The brain can so easily be tricked...

I assume you did this to reduce battery consumption? If that works that way it is ok for me!


Yes, I was trying to reduce number of required redraws of screen per second. And it's exactly as you wrote - "The brain can so easily be tricked" :)

Anyway I'll still try to improve it. These vector maps still needs to be faster ;)


Hi Oliver, rendering of maps will be little bit improved in next version. Hope these problems do not happen anymore and thank you for your report.

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