vector map download problem

Fred F shared this question 8 years ago

I am trying to download a vector map on Locus Pro on my Nexus One.

I go to Map > Vector > tap on symbol at bottom of screen and get ̈Question: have to install Locus-addon ̈ however I already have Locus addon Map.

What am I doing wrong?


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this happens sometimes. Did you try to reboot your device?

Rebooting sometimes solves problems in general. It cleans the cache of the device.

Cheers, berkley


Thanks for the reply Berkley but that did not help; I am getting the same message as if I did not have the Locus Addon Map app.

I notice that when I click on the Addon map icon I get ̈Welcome to Locus Maps Tweaker ̈. Is that correct? There is a message about only running it once and if I click on OK > Done.> OK > opens a browser page to ̈mjk.berkley@gmail in German (I assume that is you) with what appears to be a PayPal payment page.

Maybe the icon on my phone and the fact that it says ̈Done ̈ doesn ́t mean that I have paid for the Addon; and I am not sure that I have? Please advise.




OK, problem here is clear :)

That`s what I think since begin. Check Android market once more Fred, please. There is many addons for Locus now. The one that allow direct downloading of Vector maps in application is called addon Vector maps