Version 2.1.0 Bug - GPS Icon In Top Panel Goes Blank

Starman shared this problem 8 years ago
Not a Problem

Start Locus.

Position circle icon is orange. GPS icon in top panel is orange.

On fix, Beep, pos circle turns blue. GPS icon turns green

After variable amount of time, GPS icon goes blank, no color.

Click on GPS icon, Satellites page opens.

Sats are plotted. Signal strength bars displayed.

Last GPS fix clock shows fix once per second [GPS auto-off not selected].

Valid position being calculated.

Bottom Left button says: "GPS On".

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I also noticed that during track recording. But it`s not really a problem for me.



sometimes the color change from green to white.

gps-signal is ok.

still have not checked exactly when this happens.


hmm very old reported issue ... is there still any problem with top GPS icon or should I close it?


Its a little tiny problem and i can` t reproduce it in any time.

So yes, you should close as "no problem".


whats the matter with Starman??!


fine, closed ...

Starman ... big mystery for me. I wrote him e-mail around a month ago and no response.

When you tap here on his profile - DELETED?!?!

Also no funny comment on Google Play as usually ...

don`t know what`s with him ...